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design & production

highly creative, cost-effective and balanced product ranges

Our hugely experienced in-house design and separation team are able to produce highly creative, cost-effective and balanced product ranges for touring, e-commerce and retail. We thrive on working to a multitude of briefs that will enhance an Artist's identity. We work closely with clients to ensure each product is creatively exciting and within budget.



providing meticulous service, regardless of the size of tour

Our established network of worldwide partners enables us to service global touring with personal attention to detail. We recognise the crucial role of the live circuit and the importance of providing meticulous service, regardless of the size of tour. mfl provides vastly experienced road personnel to create striking merchandise stands, reconcile cash and stock nightly and provide accurate sales sheets. Touring deals can be simple supply of product, a share of net profit or royalty-based.

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we offer a true 360 e-commerce solution

Our comprehensive online store solution enables Artists to monetise and grow their online business. We listen to each and every client individually and tailor our service to their exact needs. We excel in merchandise sales, d2c album campaigns, bespoke ticket packages, vip meet and greets, up-sell incentives and marketplace placement.

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extensive retail coverage

Dealing directly with retailers, distributors and third-party partners Worldwide, we achieve extensive retail coverage. From independent Mom & Pops through to the larger chains, we pride ourselves on having good relationships with retailers and e-tailers who know that we can get product on sale quickly. We are proactive by providing retailers news of Artists’ forthcoming releases, tours and other activities so all parties can maximise sales.

pop up shops

innovative meet and greet and album launch projects

We have organised a number of these for various artists including Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Busted, The Vamps, Neck Deep & Morrissey. Some have been to support album launches whilst others included a meet and greet/signing session. Most were in London and with Morrissey we have also supported an album launch in LA. We also organised and managed pop-ups hosted at landmark charities such as Salford Lads Club, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home as well as a no-kill shelter in Brooklyn for him.

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